Sweet Sour & Spicy Beef Jerky
Sweet Sour & Spicy Beef Jerky Sweet Sour & Spicy Beef Jerky
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Sweet Sour & Spicy Beef Jerky

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Great Taste Award 2016 (one star)

A sweet treat that has a spicy and tangy kick. Marinated in a bit of honey, chillies, lime and a handful of fragrant spices gives each slice of beef a touch of sweet, sour and spicy notes.

This jerky is one out of three stars on our spicy scale.

At only 136 calories per bag, this healthy yet indulgent snack doesn't contain any colourings, nitrates or preservatives. Our methods of making jerky are just as unique as our flavours, no other brand does it like we do which allows us to create a more intensely flavoured product with the texture of real, homemade jerky. 

Each bag of premium craft jerky is lovingly handmade in our factory in London, using the best ingredients we could find. We only use the very best British grass-fed beef to make a jerky that is naturally high in protein. This meaty treat is the perfect fuel after the gym, as a snack between meals to keep you going or simply to enjoy with a well deserved pint.