Jerky & Boozy Bacon Jam
Jerky & Boozy Bacon Jam
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Jerky & Boozy Bacon Jam


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A meaty gift box filled with our Great Taste Award winning Beef Jerky and Boozy Bacon Jam.

Our Jerky & Bacon Jam Gift Box is the perfect gift for foodies who like the finer things in life - more specifically the finer foods in life! Included in this award-winning box are three bags of our spicy grass-fed British beef jerky and our latest addition to the Billy Franks range - Boozy Bacon Jam.

Beef Jerky flavours include Sweet Sour Spicy (1 Star), Holy Mother of God (1 Star), Christ on a Bike (2 Star) - a spicy trio that is sure to leave your tongue tingling.

The Boozy Bacon Jam is a sweet, smoky & spiced meaty jam infused with bourbon and pineapple. This multi-award winning jam is delicious cold or hot, as a dip or topping. Try it on hotdogs, burgers, in an omlete, in a cheese toasty, with crackers or just eat a heaping spoonful out of the jar - no shame!